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Recognized throughout the fitness industry as the premier personal trainer certification for career-minded professionals, our Commitment to Excellence ensures that the NCSF-CPT credential positions you for success in today’s competitive job market.

NCSF is proud to have partnerships with leading health clubs and industry organizations. Our continued effort, support and advocacy provide our exercise professionals with career opportunities in the health and fitness industry worldwide.

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Because those who think they have to go to a gym to find a good personal trainer, are wrong. Because now with us, you have the possibility to have it in a non face-to-face way.

An online personal trainer is a sports professional who will help you to improve your physical condition, helping you to achieve your goals. To do so, he/she will develop a training program, totally personalized, for both men and women. From here, and taking into account the physical condition of each one, he/she will elaborate the corresponding exercise routine of your training plan.

It is also important that the online trainer is direct, supervises you at all times to avoid possible injuries, poor execution in the exercises of the program and motivates you to achieve the ultimate goal.

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Thanks to an online personal trainer and the best monitoring and motivation that he or she will instill in you, together with the constancy and willpower on your part, will be the key to improve your physical fitness.


For the development of this training and coordinated by Carlos Herrera, 12 renowned professors and leaders in sports nutrition in the world have been invited, among them the Australians: Louise Burke, Deborah Kerr and Elizabeth Broad.

The course includes 20 live lectures, constant forums for interaction between teachers and students, round tables, modular evaluations and guided practical work.

Muscular strength is currently understood as a motor capacity of central importance for physical fitness in any person and for the physical performance of all sports, such is its importance that today strength is one of the most researched capacities in the field of exercise science, with a production of knowledge that makes it possible to determine with greater accuracy the programming of strength training in different contexts, such as physical fitness, fitness, sports training, injury prevention and functional recovery, among others. This course is focused on establishing the “Conceptual and methodological bases” associated with strength training in order to understand the true meaning of each term and, more importantly, the implications that the correct and incorrect use of the idea behind each concept may have for practice. This module will also provide a critical review of the way in which scientific research and sports practice have traditionally determined, controlled and programmed volume and intensity, two fundamental variables and constituents of the “training load”. For this purpose, this course will use high quality and rigorous study materials, and live virtual lectures will be recorded.

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