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Medellín & webcamIf you have health problems and they suggested you to do physical activity or you have any ent (non-communicable diseases), no problem with that!. physical exercise is suitable for all these c

Floridablanca & webcamTrainer and physical education student gives physical activity and health classes, to achieve a positive change in your attitude, way of thinking and physical appearance. (virtual or face to face)

Barranquilla & webcamStress management, to keep your mind healthy. personal development, to achieve your personal and professional goals. positive psychology, cognitive techniques to maintain positive thoughts, to make your life easier.

3. Live new experiences in Personal DevelopmentThe incredible Student Pass gives you unlimited access to all teachers, coaches and masterclasses for 1 month. A whole month to discover new passions with fabulous people.

In case you have a problem with a teacher or a class, our customer service is available to help you and find a solution as soon as possible (by phone or email from Monday to Friday).

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Recognized throughout the fitness industry as the premier personal trainer certification for career-minded professionals, our Commitment to Excellence ensures that the NCSF-CPT credential positions you for success in today’s competitive job market.

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NCSF is proud to have partnerships with leading health clubs and industry organizations. Our continued effort, support and advocacy provide our exercise professionals with career opportunities in the health and fitness industry worldwide.

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Following the guidelines of the International Volleyball Federation, this first level of distance training course has been implemented in order to provide tools to help the growth of our sport. It is also the first step of the four projected levels.

Through this course we will seek to organize and sequence the proposed contents, thus increasing the incorporation of the competencies sought, in a degree of equality for all the countries of the region.

The approved student will have access to a Qualifying Certificate of Volleyball Coach Initial Level, valid for all South America *Students from Chile must prove to be technicians of the Chilean Volleyball Federation in order to access the CSV certificate.

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15 de OctIn this video, we are going to create a playlist of videos to play them one after the other automatically. For this we need to have installed in our PC the VLC video player, which enables an interesting function in OBS…

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Because those who think they have to go to a gym to find a good personal trainer, are wrong. Because now with us, you have the possibility of having it in a non face-to-face way.

An online personal trainer is a sports professional who will help you to improve your physical condition, helping you to achieve your goals. To do this, he will develop a training program, fully customized, for both men and women. From here, and taking into account the physical condition of each one, he/she will elaborate the corresponding exercise routine of your training plan.

It is also important that the online trainer is direct, supervises you at all times to avoid possible injuries, poor execution in the exercises of the program and motivates you to achieve the ultimate goal.

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Thanks to an online personal trainer and the best monitoring and motivation that he/she will instill in you, together with the constancy and willpower on your part, will be the key to improve your physical fitness.

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